The MULTISET data type

The MULTISET IBM® Informix® data type is a collection type that can store non-ordered elements of a specific base type. Unlike the LIST type, the elements of a MULTISET have no ordinal positions. Elements can be duplicated.

Genero BDL does not support the IBM Informix MULTISET data type:

  • It is not possible to define BDL variables with the MULTISET type.
  • The static SQL syntax does not support collection-related syntax elements:
    • DDL statements like CREATE TABLE cannot use the MULTISET keyword for column types,
    • The collection-derived notation TABLE() is not allowed,
    • The MULTISET { } literal syntax is not allowed.
    • The value IN identifier syntax is not allowed.
  • The fgldbsch schema extractor will report an invalid data type if you try to get the schema for a table with a MULTISET column.