Color and theming

Mobile applications must follow the platform colors and theming.

User interface design on mobile devices

Genero BDL provides several ways to define colors and styles for a mobile app. This section introduces features that can be used to customize your mobile app and adapt to the target platform user interface design. As a general rule, avoid using non-standard ergonomics and decorations, use defaults to let Genero render your forms depending on the platform standards. For example, the GMA front-end will use Google material design on Androidâ„¢ devices.

Defining TTF icon colors

By default, TTF icons get the color of the platform theme. A default color can be defined for all TTF icons of a window with the defaultTTFColor style attribute. In order to define a color for a specific icon, add an #RGB color specification in your image to font glyph mapping file.

For more details, see Using a simple image name (centralized icons)

App color theme on Android

Android apps can be created with a specific color theme following the Google material design.

When building the APK with the gmabuildtool, you can specify the general app colors with the --build-app-colors option.

For more details, see Define app's color theme.

iOS specific UI elements

On iOS devices, some UI elements are specific to the platform and are not represented in the Abstract User Interface tree. In order to define the decoration of these elements, specific style attributes have been defined. For more details, see Decorate iOS UI elements.