List views

Form tables in a mobile app render as list views.

List views are commonly used in mobile apps to present an indexed list of items or selectable list of options. They are also used to let users navigate through hierarchically structured data.

List views are displayed as either full list views or embedded list views.

The list view only displays the first two columns' content and any associated row image, regardless of the number of columns defined.

No column header/title is displayed in mobile list views. Thus the mobile user cannot manipulate columns (hide, reorder, resize, or sort).

With full list views, the built-in reduce filter allows the user to filter the rows displayed.

The JUSTIFY attribute of the second column can influence how the rows are displayed.

Various options affect the rendering and behavior, by defining TABLE container attributes, DISPLAY ARRAY dialog attributes and ON ACTION handler attributes.

For complete details on implementing table views in a mobile app, see Using tables on mobile devices.