Images and icons

For this topic, an image can refer to the IMAGE item type or the icons used in the app.

Image format support

Mobile apps written in Genero supports all image formats supported by the device OS. However, each platform has its own restrictions on which image formats it supports:

Mobile devices have a much higher pixel density (a higher resolution) than classic desktop monitors. An image which looks nice on a desktop can appear small or as an upscaled image on a mobile device.

Providing the image resource

Genero supports different solutions to provide the image data in a mobile app, depending on the need (button icon, application picture, etc). To understand how to get image resource on mobile apps with Genero, see Providing the image resource.

Image sizing on mobile devices

The IMAGE item type defines an area for the display of an image on a form.

Image layout and sizing can be controlled with form item attributes to adapt to the type of mobile device.

For more details, see Controlling the image layout.

Default action icons

In general, you want the icons used for your mobile app to be the standard icons used by all apps for the mobile platform. Genero is set up to use such icons by default. For more details, see Action views on mobile devices.

Genero also supports icon centralization based on TTF icons, to get a global consistent look and feel for all your mobile apps. For more details, see Providing the image resource.