Implement tabbed WCI containers

WCI container can display child programs in a folder tab.

Important: The Window Container Interface is a desktop application feature (for GDC), and is not supported on other front-ends (web and mobile). This feature is also denied when using Universal Rendering in GDC.

To display the child programs in a folder tab, define the presentation style attribute tabbedContainer to yes.

With a tabbed window container, the style attribute tabbedContainerCloseMethod defines how to close the current page.

Values can be:

  • "container" (default), the container has a close button on the top right corner, which closes the current tab.
  • "page", each page has its own close button.
  • "both", each page and the container have a close button.
  • "none", no close button is shown.

The close button is enabled depending on the window style attribute.