Configuration of WCI child programs

WCI child programs attach to a parent container by referencing the WCI container by name.

Important: The Window Container Interface is a desktop application feature (for GDC), and is not supported on other front-ends (web and mobile). This feature is also denied when using Universal Rendering in GDC.
WCI children programs must attach to a parent container by giving the name of the container program:
    CALL ui.Interface.setName("custapp")
    CALL ui.Interface.setType("child")
    CALL ui.Interface.setText("Customers")
    CALL ui.Interface.setContainer("parent1")

Multiple container programs can be used to group programs by application modules.

The client displays a system error and the programs stops when:

  • A child program is started, but the parent container is not
  • A container program is started twice
When the parent container program is stopped, other applications are automatically stopped by the front-end. This will result in a runtime error -6313 on the application server side. To avoid this, ensure that there are no more running child programs before terminating the parent container program. The WCI container program can query for the existence of children with the ui.Interface.getChildCount() and ui.Interface.getChildInstances() methods:
  CALL ui.Interface.setName("parent1")
  CALL ui.Interface.setType("container")
  CALL ui.Interface.setText("SoftStore Manager")
  CALL ui.Interface.setSize("600px","1000px")
  CALL ui.Interface.loadStartMenu("mystartmenu")
  MENU "Main"
    COMMAND "Help" CALL help()
    COMMAND "About" CALL aboutbox()
    COMMAND "Exit"
      IF ui.Interface.getChildCount()>0 THEN
         ERROR "You must first exit the child programs."
         EXIT MENU
      END IF