Configuration of WCI parent programs

Programs acting as parent WCI containers must perform WCI configuration calls when they start.

Important: The Window Container Interface is a desktop application feature (for GDC), and is not supported on other front-ends (web and mobile). This feature is also denied when using Universal Rendering in GDC.

The WCI container program is a separate program of a special type, dedicated to contain other program windows. On the front-end, container programs automatically display a parent window that will hold all child program windows that attach to the container.

The WCI container program must indicate that its type is special (ui.Interface.setType() method), and must identify itself (ui.Interface.setName() method):
   CALL ui.Interface.setName("parent1")
   CALL ui.Interface.setType("container")
   CALL ui.Interface.setText("SoftStore Manager")
   CALL ui.Interface.setSize("600px","1000px")
   CALL ui.Interface.loadStartMenu("mystartmenu")
   MENU "Main"
     COMMAND "Help" CALL help()
     COMMAND "About" CALL aboutbox()

You can define the initial size of the parent container window with the ui,interface.setSize(height,width) method.

When the program is identified as a container, a global window is automatically displayed as a container window. The default toolbar and the default topmenu are displayed and a startmenu can be used. Other windows created by this kind of program can be displayed, inside the container (windowType="normal" ) or as dialog windows (windowType="modal"). Window styles can be applied to the parent window by using the default style specification (name="Window.main" ).