Understanding the Window Container Interface

This is an introduction to WCI programming.

By default, application windows are displayed independently in separate windows on the front-end window manager. This mode is known as SDI, "Single Document Interface".

The user interface can be configured to group program windows in a parent container. This is known as MDI, "Multiple Document Interface". In Genero, Multiple Document Interface is called WCI: Window Container Interface.

Important: The Window Container Interface is a desktop application feature (for GDC), and is not supported on other front-ends (web and mobile). This feature is also denied when using Universal Rendering in GDC.

The WCI can be used to group several programs together in a parent window. The parent program is the container for the other programs, defined as children of the container. The container program can have its own windows, but this makes sense only for temporary modal windows (with style="dialog").

WCI configuration is done dynamically at the beginning of programs, with methods of the ui.Interface built-in class.