Verifying if the locale is properly supported by the runtime system

Check the current LANG/LC_ALL locale settings by using the -i option of fglrun:
$ fglrun -i
Charmap          : UTF-8
Multibyte        : yes 
Stateless        : yes
Length Semantics : CHAR

The lines printed with this option indicate if the locale can be supported by the operating system libraries.

If the locale settings are wrong or unsupported, the command will display an error:
$ fglrun -i
Error: locale not supported by C library, check LANG/LC_ALL.
Table 1. Locale information descriptions
Namea Description
Charmap This is the normalized IANA name of the character set used by the runtime system to communicate with external components (front-end, I/O of XML files). The mapping from the system locale name to a normalized name is defined in $FGLDIR/etc/charmap.alias.

This line indicates if the character set is a MBCS (Multi-Byte Character Set) and an SBCS Single Byte Character Set ().


A few character sets are using an internal state that can change during the character flow. Only stateless character sets can be supported (the value must be 'yes').

Length Semantics BYTE indicates Byte Length Semantics, while CHAR indicates character length semantics. See Length semantics settings for more details.