System packages

Some Genero BDL features need specific operating system packages.

Curses (or NCurses) library

On Unix-like platforms, the Genero runtime system (fglrun) needs the Curses library to be installed on the system.

The Curses library is required for the text mode (for INFORMIXTERM=terminfo). However, fglrun is linked directly to the Curses library so it needs to be installed on the system even when the GUI mode is used.

Depending on the operating system, fglrun will require libcurses, libncurses, libncurses5 or libncursesw5 to be installed on the system.
Note: For UTF-8 support in text mode, you need the wide-char Curses shared library ( for example). Make sure that the Curses software package installed on your system includes this library. See Platform specific notes.

If the required Curses library is not installed, executing fglrun will report a shared library not found error.