Displays a file dialog window to get a directory path on the local file system.


ui.Interface.frontCall("standard", "openDir",
 [path,caption], [result]) 
  1. path - The default path of the directory like "/tmp".
  2. caption - The caption to be displayed.
  3. result - The name of the selected directory (or NULL if canceled).


When invoking the "openDir" front call, the front-end displays the file dialog window using the local file system, to let the end user enter a directory path.

The "openDir" front call is only supported with GDC front-end for desktop applications. This front call is not supported on mobile or, for web applications with GAS.

The file dialog window rendering and features depend on the type of front end and the type of the front end platform (desktop OS, web browser).

If the user cancels the dialog, the front call returns NULL in the result variable.

When specifying a file path, pay attention to platform specific rules regarding directory separators and space characters in filenames. When the front-end executes on a recent Microsoft™ Windows™ system, you can use the / slash character as directory separator, like on Unix systems. A directory or filename can contain spaces, and there is no need to surround the path with double quotes in such case. When using backslash directory separators, make sure to escape backslash characters in string literals with \\.


                path STRING,
                caption STRING
           END RECORD
    DEFINE result STRING

    LET rec.path = "/tmp"
    LET rec.caption = "Select directory"
    CALL ui.Interface.frontCall("standard","openDir",[rec.*],[result])

    IF result IS NULL THEN
       DISPLAY "No directory was selected."
       DISPLAY "Directory :", result
    END IF