Lets the user input contact information to create a new entry in the contact database of the mobile device.


ui.Interface.frontCall("mobile", "newContact",
  • defaults - A vCard string with default values for the new contact input.
  • vcard - Holds the vCard string of the new created contact.


The "newContact" front call opens the contact input form on the mobile device, with default values passed in the vCard structure of the first parameter, allows the user to enter contact information.

Important: This front call is only available for an application running on an iOS device.

If the contact creation is validated, the front call returns the completed vCard string. If the contact import is canceled, the front-end returns NULL.


DEFINE defaults, vcard STRING
LET defaults="BEGIN:VCARD\n"
CALL ui.interface.frontcall("mobile","newContact",[defaults],[vcard])