Reading FGLPROFILE entries

Entries of FGLPROFILE files can be read by program.

Use the base.Application.getResourceEntry() method to read an entry of FGLPROFILE files.

Consider the following facts when reading FGLPROFILE entries:
  1. FGLPROFILE entries are case insensitive. However, you should use the exact name to read the entry. Consider using lowercase identifiers like myapp.myentry.
  2. Multiple files can be defined in the FGLPROFILE environment variable, and multiple entries with the same name can be defined. In such case, the last found wins.
  3. The encoding of the FGLPROFILE file must match the encoding of the runtime system.
  4. Use a STRING variable to hold the value of the FGLPROFILE entry to be read.
    DISPLAY base.Application.getResourceEntry("myapp.myentry")
With the p1.prf file defining:
myapp.myentry = "aaa"
And the p2.prf file defining:
myapp.myentry = "bbb"
myapp.myentry = "ccc"
Setting FGLPROFILE environment variable to this value:
export FGLPROFILE="p1.prf:p2.prf"
The last found entry is read:
$ fglcomp main.4gl && fglrun main.42m