PostgreSQL specific FGLPROFILE parameters


Maximum number of rows to be pre-fetched.

dbi.database.stores.pgs.prefetch.rows = 100

Use this parameter to increase performance by defining the maximum number of rows to be fetched into the db client buffer. However, the bigger this parameter is, the more memory is used by each program. This parameter applies to all cursors in the program.

The default is 50 rows, which is a good compromise for regular interactive OTLP applications.

When using server-side cursors (DECLARE CURSOR), this parameter will define the number of rows fetched with the PostgreSQL FETCH cursor FORWARD nbrows command. This parameter has no effect on static SELECT statements, nor on SELECT statements executed with PREPARE + EXECUTE INTO.


Defines the PostgreSQL schema search path after connection is established.

dbi.database.stores.pgs.schema = "\"$user\",public,stock"

The value specified in this parameter will be used to execute the SET search_path TO fglprofile-value SQL instruction.

See also Name resolution of SQL objects.