Web Services changes

There are changes in support of web services in Genero 4.01.

Security Note: sameSite HTTP cookie attribute

When using HTTP cookies, make sure to check the sameSite attribute usage.

For more details, see Changes to how GWS handles cookies and Single sign-on (OpenID Connect, SAML, and GIP) sameSite security.

fglrestful network options to support proxy and HTTP authentication

Starting with GWS 4.01.00, the fglrestful tool supports new network options. Log in and password options have been added for proxy and/or HTTP authentication when using the tool to request OpenAPI documentation on the network.

For more details, see fglrestful.

WSParam and WSQuery support complex types

The high-level REST API attributes WSParam and WSQuery can be set on parameters defined as records or arrays. For example, in earlier versions you could only set these attributes on primitive Genero BDL types, such as STRING or INTEGER. From version 4.01.00, onwards the GWS supports serialization of records and arrays based on the default OpenAPI specification for serialization. For more information and examples using record and arrays as parameters, see WSParam and WSQuery.

Changes in earlier versions

Make sure to check the upgrade notes of earlier versions, to not miss changes introduced in maintenance releases. For more details, see Web services changes in BDL 4.00.

Notable changes introduced in maintenance releases: