Database drivers changes

New and desupported database drivers.

New database server versions supported in Genero 4.00:

  • PostgreSQL 13 and 14 (using ODI driver dbmpgs_9)
  • Oracle® 21c (using ODI driver dbmora_18)
  • IBM® Netezza Performance Server® 11.x (using ODI driver dbmntz_6)

For more details, see Database driver specification (driver).

New embedded SQLite version: 3.27.2

On Operating Systems where the SQLite engine is embedded in the dbmsqt_3 ODI driver, SQLite has been upgraded to version 3.27.2.

Databases / ODI drivers desupported in Genero 4.00:

Desupported database servers (ODI drivers removed):

  • SAP® Adaptive Server Enterprise (16.x / dbmase_16)

Desupported database server versions:

  • Oracle Database 11.x (dbmora_11 ODI driver removed)
  • Microsoft™ SQL Server 2012, 2014 (dbmsnc_11 ODI driver removed)
  • Oracle MySQL 5.6 (dbmmys_5_6 ODI driver removed)
  • PostgreSQL 9.x and 10 (dbmpgs_9 remains for PostgreSQL versions > 10)
  • IBM DB2® LUW 10.5 (dbmdb2_10 remains for DB2 LUW 11.x)
  • IBM Netezza 6 (dbmntz_6 remains for IBM DB2 PureData 7.x and Netezza Performance Server 11.x)

Desupported database drivers:

  • Microsoft SQL Native Client 11: dbmsnc_11 (use dbmsnc_17)
  • Microsoft ODBC for SQL Server 13: dbmsnc_13 (use dbmsnc_17)
  • Oracle MySQL 5.6 client: dbmmys_5_6 (use dbmmys_5_7 or dbmmys_8_0)

For Microsoft SQL Server, use Microsoft ODBC 17 and the dbmsnc_17 ODI driver, on Linux and Windows platforms.

Required SQL Server ODBC drivers for UTF-8 char/varchar

For _UT8 database collation support in char/varchar columns of SQL Server, you need to install recent Microsoft ODBC, Easysoft ODBC and FreeTDS ODBC drivers.

See SQL Server UTF-8 support for more details.

Changes in earlier versions

Make sure to check the upgrade notes of earlier versions, to not miss changes introduced in maintenance releases. For more details, see Database drivers changes in BDL 3.20.