FLOAT/SMALLFLOAT to string conversion

New FGLPROFILE entry fglrun.floatToCharScale2 for FLOAT/SMALLFLOAT types.

Since Genero 2.50, the conversion to string from a DECIMAL(P), FLOAT and SMALLFLOAT has been revised, to keep all significant digits and avoid data loss. See Floating point to string conversion upgrade note for more details.

Until Genero 3.20, the number to string formatting could only be controlled for DECIMAL(P) types with the fglrun.decToCharScale2 FGLPROFILE entry.

Starting with 3.20.06 (also backported in 3.10.19), another FGLPROFILE entry can be used, to get the pre-2.50 behavior and round FLOAT/SMALLFLOAT values to 2 digits:

fglrun.floatToCharScale2 = true
Note: Do not use this configuration parameter, unless you have migration issues. This configuration parameter applies only to FLOAT and SMALLFLOAT. DECIMAL(P) conversions to string is not impacted (must use fglrun.decToCharScale2 instead).