Front-end protocol compression disabled

GUI communication does not require protocol compression on LAN networks.

Important: Starting with version 4.00, the AUI protocol compression is desupported. See Removal of AUI protocol compression.
Until version 2.32.00, front-end protocol compression was enabled by default, to speed up GUI communication on slow networks. However, on regular networks, compression is useless and can be disabled to save processing resources. With version 2.32.00, the compression is now disabled by default. If needed, compression can be enabled with this FGLPROFILE entry:
gui.protocol.format = "zlib"

Note also that compression needs the zlib library to be present on the computer where fglrun executes. Starting with 2.32.00, the product package no longer includes the fallback zlib library ($FGLDIR/lib/ or %FGLDIR%\bin\libzfgl.dll). If no standard zlib is installed on your system, compression will not be possible.