Review user-made C routines

Genero BDL provides libraries which may replace some of the C routines required by I4GL applications.

IBM® Informix® 4GL (I4GL) applications often need additional utility C routines implemented in C-Extensions. For example, to access the file system and read the content of a directory with the os.Path class. Writing C-Extensions is an important cost in cross-platform portability and maintenance.

Genero Business Development Language (BDL) provides a set of libraries that include functions and classes which can probably replace some of the routines written for I4GL application. For example, BDL implements typical file management functions to search directories and files.

If portability is a concern (for example if you want to move from a UNIX™ platform to a Microsoft™ Windows™ or Mac OS-X™ platform), review your C routines and check whether there is a replacement built into the language or in one of the libraries provided.

Genero BDL even allows use of the huge Java class library with the Java Interface.