Defining keys for WIDGET fields

The method for binding a keyboard function or control key differ between Four Js BDS and Genero BDL.

With Four Js Business Development Suite (BDS), a form field using the WIDGET attribute as "BUTTON" or as "CHECK" or "RADIO" with CLASS="KEY", could specify the key to be sent to the program with the CONFIG attribute:
[f01     ][f02     ][f03     ]
f01 = FORMONLY.b_print, WIDGET="BUTTON", CONFIG="F10";
f02 = FORMONLY.b_ok, WIDGET="BUTTON", CONFIG="KEY_accept";
f03 = FORMONLY.b_cancel, WIDGET="BUTTON", CONFIG="KEY_interrupt";

The key specification could be a function key like F10, a control key like Control-P, or a virtual key like KEY_accept (by default, ESC) or KEY_interrupt (by default, Control-C).

With Genero BDL, use the ACCELERATOR action attribute to bind a keyboard function or control key to a named action that is controlled in the program with an ON ACTION action-name handler.