Localization support

Four Js BDS and Genero BDL use different libraries and environment variables in support of localization.

IBM® Informix® 4GL (I4GL) and Four Js Business Development Suite (BDS) use the Informix GLS library for localization support (i.e. to support non-ASCII character sets such as BIG5). This implies a strong dependency to the proprietary GLS library.

Genero Business Development Language (BDL) does not use the GLS library; Genero BDL uses the standard C library functions for character set handling, based on the setlocale() POSIX conformant function.

While I4GL/BDS need the CLIENT_LOCALE environment variable to define the locale for the application, you must now use the LANG/LC_ALL environment variables to specify the locale of the Genero application. Note, however, that CLIENT_LOCALE is still needed when connecting to an IBM Informix database.

In Four Js BDS, you could select the locale library with the fglmode tool, to select either GLS or ASCII mode. This tool is no longer needed in Genero.