TABLES section

Defines the list of database tables referenced by form field definitions.


[ alias = [database[@dbserver]:][owner.] ] table [,...]
  1. alias represents an alias name for the given table.
  2. table is the name of the database table.
  3. database is the name of the database of the table (see warnings).
  4. dbserver identifies the Informix® database server (INFORMIXSERVER)
  5. owner is the name of the table owner (see warnings).


The TABLES section lists every database table or view referenced in the form specification file. This section is mandatory when form fields reference database columns defined in the database schema file.

The TABLE section must appear in the sequence described in form file structure.

The END keyword is optional.

The SCHEMA section must also exist to define the database schema.

Field identifiers in programs or in other sections of the form specification file can reference screen fields as column, alias.column, or table.column.

The same alias must also appear in screen interaction statements of programs that reference screen fields linked to the columns of a table that has an alias.

If a table requires the name of an owner or of a database as a qualifier, the TABLES section must also declare an alias for the table. The alias can be the same identifier as table.

For backward compatibility with the Informix form specification, the comma separator is optional and the database, dbserver and owner specifications are ignored.


SCHEMA stores 
 customer, orders