Control block execution order

What is the execution order of drag & drop related dialog control blocks?

The table below shows the order in which the runtime system executes the control blocks related to drag & drop events:

Table 1. Control block execution order for drag & drop events
Context / User action Control block execution order
The user starts to drag an object from the source dialog.
  1. ON DRAG_START (in source dialog)
The mouse cursor enters the drop target dialog.
  1. ON DRAG_ENTER (in target dialog)
After entering the target dialog, the mouse cursor moves from row to row, or user chooses to change the drop operation (move or copy).
  1. ON DRAG_OVER (in target dialog)
The user releases the mouse button over the target dialog.
  1. ON DROP (in target dialog)
  2. ON DRAG_FINISHED (in source dialog)