The info command describes the current state of your program.


info { breakpoints
     | sources
     | program
     | variables
     | locals
     | files
     | line location 
where location is:
{ [module.]function
| [module:]line
  1. module is the name of a source file, without extension.
  2. function is a function name.
  3. line is a source code line.


The info command describes the state of your program.

  • info breakpoints lists the breakpoints that you have set.
  • info sources prints the names of all the source files in your program.
  • info program displays the status of your program.
  • info variables displays global variables.
  • info locals displays the local variables of the current function.
  • info files lists the files from which symbols were loaded.
  • info line module.function prints the program addresses for the first line of the function named function.
  • info line module:line prints the starting and ending addresses of the compiled code for the source line specified. See the list command for all the ways that you can specify the source code line.


(fgldb) info sources 
Source files for which symbols have been read in: 
mymodule.4gl, fglwinexec.4gl, fglutil.4gl, fgldialog.4gl, fgldummy4js.4gl