The break command defines a break point to stop the program execution at a given line or function.


break [ location ] [ if condition ]
where location is:
{ [module.]function
| [module:]line
  1. module is the name of a source file, without extension.
  2. function is a function name.
  3. line is a source code line.
  4. condition is an expression evaluated dynamically.


The break command sets a break point at a given position in the program.

When the program is running, the debugger stops automatically at breakpoints defined by this command.

If a condition is specified, the program stops at the breakpoint only if the condition evaluates to TRUE.

If you do not specify any location, the breakpoint is created for the current line. For example, if you write "break if var = 1", the debugger adds a conditional breakpoint for the current line, and the program will only stop if the variable is equal to 1 when reaching the current line again.


(fgldb) break mymodule:5 
Breakpoint 2 at 0x00000000: file mymodule.4gl, line 5.