Microsoft SQL Server

  1. Make sure that ODBC data source is defined on database client and database server systems, with the correct ODBC driver. Note that Genero FGL provides different types of SQL Server drivers:
    • dbmsnc: For Microsoft ODBC driver for SQL Server (recommended)
    • dbmesm: For Easysoft ODBC driver for SQL Server
    • dbmftm: For FreeTDS ODBC
  2. On Windows® platforms, the PATH environment variable must define the access path to database client programs (ODBC32.DLL). On UNIX platforms, check database client software documentation for environment settings (LD_LIBRARY_PATH, ldconfig).
  3. On Windows, check the SQL Server Client configuration with the Client Network Utility tool. Verify that the ANSI to OEM conversion corresponds to the execution of applications in a CONSOLE environment.
  4. Make sure the database client locale is properly defined. On UNIX platforms, check that the client character set parameter of the ODBC data source corresponds the locale used by the application (LANG/LC_ALL).
  5. On Windows, you can make a connection test with the Microsoft™ Query Analyzer tool. On UNIX, see client software documentation for available SQL command tools (isql command line tool for example).