Specifying a user name and password with DATABASE

The DATABASE instruction does not support the USER/USING clause as CONNECT TO does. If you don't use an automatic user authentication method of the database server, you must provide a user name and password in some way.

The best way to identify database users is to replace every DATABASE instruction by a CONNECT TO with USER/USING clause. However, it is also possible to provide the user name and password with the user authentication callback function, by defining a global FGLPROFILE entry.

In a development environment, a default login and password can be specified with the dbi.database.dbname.username and dbi.database.dbname.password FGLPROFILE entries. This solution must not be used in a production environment because the password is not encrypted. For backward compatibility reasons, when using the IBM® Informix® driver, these FGLPROFILE entries are ignored by the DATABASE instruction, only the CONNECT TO instruction takes external (or callback) login parameters into account.

Login parameters can also be provided in the connection string used in the database name specification in DATABASE instruction.