Moves to a specific row in a record list.


   row INTEGER )
  1. row is the row number is the program array variable.


This function is typically used to control navigation in a DISPLAY ARRAY or INPUT ARRAY, within an ON ACTION or ON KEY block. The function can also be used inside BEFORE DISPLAY or BEFORE INPUT blocks, to jump to a specific row when the dialog starts. It is not recommended to use this function in an other context.

Control blocks like BEFORE ROW and field/row validation in INPUT ARRAY are performed, as if the user moved to another row, except when the function is called in BEFORE DISPLAY or BEFORE INPUT.

When a new row is reached using this function, the first editable field gets the focus.

An alternative to the fgl_set_arr_curr() function is the ui.Dialog.setCurrentRow() method; however, the dialog class method will be used in a different programming pattern, as it does not trigger the control blocks like the built-in function.