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Author Topic: Image Printing  (Read 2246 times)
Gary C.
Posts: 79

« on: October 14, 2016, 10:08:58 am »


I have a report that contains images (product details) and for some images the report works fine, for others it errors with:

Premature end of file
Cause:/opt3/teq/rpt/tcmstr2.4rp:Product Overview Image, url:error:(GS-31326) Failed to load image from data URL "..."
(cause=Unsupported Image Type)

The images are stored as blobs and sent to the report in a fashion like this:

  1. DEFINE imagefile BYTE
  2. LOCATE imagefile IN MEMORY
  3. SELECT image INTO IMAGEFILE from tctqtli
  4.         WHERE s_qtli = id
  5. PRINTX imagefile

Within the report the image box that is to contain the image has a Location value of:


I am sure it is image related as if I take the an image that errors (a jpg) and save it as a png version then the report works.

So, can anyone see any issues with the above approach and are there any limitations when trying to print jpg images?

I would have attached some example images but the attachment size limit is woefully small.

Alex G.
Four Js
Posts: 124

« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2016, 11:09:19 am »

Hi Gary,
from the top of my head I think to remember that we can't render certain CMYK jpeg images (a limitation of current Java image rendering plugins). This might be the issue here.
I suggest that you send the image to our support so that they can take a look.
Kind regards,

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