London, England – July 17, 2017Mack Brooks Exhibitions Group, a world class ‘business-to-business’ trade fair and conferences company has deployed its core CRM to Genero Cloud in order to support its expanding international business.

“If anything goes awry, I get an alert, but I don’t worry since I know Four Js is dealing with it.”

Philip Akers
Accurate Solutions Ltd.


For Accurate Solutions Ltd. – Four Js’ ISV and developer of Mack Brooks’ application – this has freed up the time they once spent on the day-to-day management of the system and has allowed them to focus on developing new applications.

For Mack Brooks Exhibitions, the key drivers behind going to the Cloud were:

  • A need to access applications from anywhere in the world,
  • A need for disaster recovery,
  • A need for security,
  • A need for improved developer productivity.

To meet the first need, Genero Cloud provides a ‘zero-install’ user interface to Mack Brooks’ applications via any browser and from any device – be it a desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Under the Service Level Agreement, a recovery time objective of four hours is guaranteed in the event of a disaster or service outage. This means that applications are restored to the last backup within four hours of any such incident.

Backups are made every fifteen minutes to minimize data loss. This is achieved through a redundant and automatic back-up and disaster recovery service.

Full high-availability is offered as a service option.

Finally, the service is Services Organization Controls (SOC) 2 compliant assuring the protection of customer data; security, availability, process integrity, privacy and confidentiality.


Prior to this agreement, Mack Brooks ran and maintained its systems at their head office by a small team of IT professionals. They approached Accurate to streamline their internal processes to cope with their expanding international business.

Two virtual servers, one for production and one for update testing, support all of the bespoke Mac Brooks’ Genero applications.

The main benefits to Mack Brooks are:

  • Free-up internal resources for more useful projects,
  • Uptime of 99.99%,
  • No more hardware purchases or maintenance,
  • Software always up-to-date (Linux, Genero, Informix).


Mack Brooks Exhibitions is renowned for organising targeted trade exhibitions in diverse industrial sectors, such as engineering, transport, infrastructure, chemicals and industrial manufacturing. Their portfolio of events covers specialised technology areas including sheet metal working, airport technology, rail technology, traffic management, construction, tunnelling, waste management, recycling, water technology, fastening and fixing technology, speciality chemicals, corrugated and carton manufacturing, paper, film and foil converting, printing and packaging. Mack Brooks Publishing’s print and online publications provide market intelligence and expertise in related fields.

The company’s major trade fairs such as EuroBLECH, the world’s leading sheet metal working technology exhibition, bring together some 1,500 manufacturers and suppliers with more than 60,000 trade customers. Internationally renowned exhibition brands also include Fastener Fair, inter airport, ICE, BLECHevents, SIFER, Railtex, Exporail and INTERtunnel.

While the company’s flagship events are designed for a global audience, Mack Brooks also offers dedicated exhibitions for regional markets, with a specific focus on investing in growth regions.